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Mini Lighter Camera 1080P

Mini Lighter Camera 1080P
Mini Lighter Camera 1080P
Mini Lighter Camera 1080P
Mini Lighter Camera 1080P
Mini Lighter Camera 1080P
Mini Lighter Camera 1080P
Mini Lighter Camera 1080P
Mini Lighter Camera 1080P
Mini Lighter Camera 1080P
Mini Lighter Camera 1080P
Mini Lighter Camera 1080P
Mini Lighter Camera 1080P
Mini Lighter Camera 1080P
Mini Lighter Camera 1080P
Mini Lighter Camera 1080P
Mini Lighter Camera 1080P
Mini Lighter Camera 1080P

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Lighter Spy Camera with Motion Activation

In an era where discreet monitoring is paramount, the Lighter Mini Spy Camera emerges as a groundbreaking and versatile device, seamlessly integrating a nanny camera's discreet functionalities with a lighter's practicality. Uncover the true potential of this inconspicuous gadget that cleverly resembles an ordinary cigarette and is more lightweight while surpassing expectations with advanced capabilities.

Cutting-Edge Design for Seamless Surveillance Integration

The Lighter Spy Recorder stands as a testament to technological advancements in surveillance. Dive into its meticulous design, virtually indistinguishable from a regular lighter, making it the ideal solution for your security needs. Explore its versatility as a nanny cam, mini spy camera, secret camera, and more—a comprehensive solution for various monitoring requirements.

Lighter Camera Spy mini Cam Australia for Sale

Extended Battery Life

Setting itself apart, this mini spy cam boasts an exceptional battery life, continuously recording videos for an impressive 90 minutes. Delve into its extended operational performance, outshining other models on the market and solidifying its position as a leader in prolonged battery capability. Uncover the dual functionality that adds a layer of versatility, making it a hidden spy camera and a practical tool for everyday use.

Illuminate the Dark with the LED Flashlight Feature

One distinctive feature that elevates the Lighter Mini Cam is its powerful LED flashlight. Learn how this flashlight provides ample illumination for recording in low-light situations, ensuring you get all the details. Whether used as a surveillance camera, security camera, or nanny cam, this adaptability ensures its indispensability in various scenarios, seamlessly transitioning between roles.

Crystal-Clear 1080p FHD Video

Equipped with a crystal-clear 1080p Full HD hidden camera lens, this device captures videos in stunning clarity. Explore the high-quality lens that ensures every detail is recorded in high definition, eliminating the need to strain your eyes. Uncover its simplicity with one-button operation, making it incredibly user-friendly—a practical choice for those who value ease of use in a mini spy camera.

Discreet Monitoring with Pinhole Lens

Delve into the pinhole lens with a wide 90-degree field of view, ensuring discreet monitoring without arousing suspicion. Explore its applications as a nanny cam safeguarding child safety or a surveillance camera covering a broad spectrum of personal and professional needs. Its adaptability makes it suitable for various scenarios, whether as a mini spy camera, secret camera, or nanny cam.

Efficiency Through Motion Activation

Designed with motion activation for efficiency, the Lighter Spy Cam covers an area of up to 6 meters. Uncover the intelligent feature that activates recording only when it senses movement, conserving storage space and battery life. Whether employed as a hidden spy camera with audio, surveillance camera, or security camera, the motion detection recording adds an extra layer of functionality, ensuring you capture crucial moments while minimising unnecessary footage.

Comprehensive Recording: Video, Audio, and Time-Stamp

Video and audio recording capabilities ensure capturing not just visuals but also sound. Learn about the image sensor with a 2Mpx resolution, providing high-quality recordings. Explore the time/date stamp on the footage that adds an extra layer of organisation and reference to your records—essential features for a secret camera, nanny cam, or any hidden spy camera.

Expandable Storage for Extended Monitoring Needs

Discover how the device supports recording on a micro SD card with up to 32GB capacity and an 8GB micro SD card. Uncover the ample storage that ensures easy preservation of hours of video footage, suitable for extended monitoring needs, whether a nanny cam, surveillance camera, or hidden camera.

Endurance with Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

With a rechargeable Li-Ion battery boasting a capacity 300mAh, the Lighter Mini Recorder ensures operational longevity. Learn how the battery and its efficient power management enable continuous recording for up to 100 minutes, meeting the endurance requirements of a versatile device. Explore its extended operational capability that ensures a reliable and steady monitoring solution.

Versatile Applications for Personal and Professional Needs

The Lighter Mini Recorder transcends conventional surveillance needs, finding applications in various scenarios. Explore its role in catching infidelity, preventing vandalism, ensuring child safety, and serving as legal evidence. Uncover its significance in professional applications, supporting statements in court for lawyers and documenting criminal activities for reporters.

Upgrade to the Lighter Mini Camera

Upgrade to the Lighter Mini Camera and take control of your surroundings like never before. Embrace the world of possibilities for surveillance and protection with this ultra-compact and versatile device, suitable for spy camera enthusiasts, nanny cam users, and anyone seeking hidden camera solutions. Trust in the Lighter Mini Camera to deliver outstanding performance and redefine your expectations of covert surveillance.

A Companion Empowering You in Everyday Life

Experience the pinnacle of discreet surveillance technology with a device that seamlessly blends into your everyday

life while offering unparalleled functionality and reliability. The Lighter Mini Camera is not just a surveillance tool; it's a companion that empowers you to navigate your environment confidently, ensuring that you control your surroundings like never before. Don't compromise your peace of mind or security—choose the Lighter Mini Camera for a surveillance experience that transcends expectations.

Unravelling New Dimensions with the Lighter Mini Camera

As you embark on this journey with the Lighter Mini Camera, you'll discover the true potential of discreet monitoring and the peace of mind that comes with being in control of your environment. This ultra-compact and versatile device opens up new dimensions for surveillance and protection, making it an indispensable tool for various scenarios. Upgrade today and redefine your expectations of covert surveillance technology.

A Revolutionary Step Towards a Safer Future

Incorporating the Lighter Mini Camera into your lifestyle signifies a commitment to advanced surveillance solutions. This device is more than just a piece of technology; it's a gateway to a new era of personal and professional security. Its extended capabilities and user-friendly design offer a level of convenience and peace of mind unparalleled in discreet monitoring.

Multifaceted Applications in Different Settings

Delve even deeper into the multifaceted applications of the Lighter Mini Camera, considering its potential in various settings. In-home security becomes a vigilant guardian, ensuring the safety of your loved ones and belongings. Its inconspicuous design allows it to seamlessly blend into your living space, making it an effective nanny cam or surveillance tool without attracting attention.

Moreover, the Lighter Mini Camera also finds its place in professional applications. Legal professionals can utilise it to gather evidence and strengthen their cases, while journalists and investigative reporters can document events discreetly. Its compact size and dual functionality provide a unique advantage when conventional surveillance methods are impractical or conspicuous.

Adaptability in Public Spaces

The adaptability of the Lighter Mini Camera extends to public spaces, where it can be employed to monitor and prevent vandalism or illicit activities. Its inconspicuous nature makes it an ideal tool for covert surveillance, ensuring the preservation of public spaces. Explore its potential to contribute to maintaining order and security in environments where traditional surveillance methods might be challenging.


  • Full HD Video Recording 1920*1080P
  • Flashlight
  • Rechargeable batteries 
  • Date/Time Stamp
  • Lighter function
  • It supports up to 32GB micro SD card.



  • Resolution:1920x1080P
  • Visual angle:90°
  • It detects motion and starts recording up to a distance of 6m.
  • Battery capacity:300MA
  • Continuous recording time: ~100min
  • Maximum memory card capacity:32GB( 8GB micro SD is included)
  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10
  • Charge time: Approx. 4 hours



  • 1 X Hidden Camera
  • 1 x 8GB micro SD
  • 1 X Manual


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