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Wireless Hidden WIFI Docking Station Camera Surveillance systems are crucial to our homes, but what’s missing about them is the discreteness of how they operate and maybe you don’t want any intruders knowing that there is a security camera watching over them. This router camera is a perfect..
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Invisible Spy Sunglasses Camera for Investigations Invisible Spy Sunglasses Camera for Investigations
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Professional Hidden Spy Sunglasses CameraTouchpad Operation - Invisible Buttons and lensThe mini sunglasses camera operates with convenience and full discretion. The sunglasses camera provides the spy feature that your line of work needs. The sunglasses are entirely invisible to an average eye, with..
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Wireless Spy Camera 1080P IP Remote View Power Socket These spy cameras are wireless wall socketed cameras and called so because their appearance is similar to that of an ordinary socket. These cams are connected to the wall socket, and then they record the videos. These are unique kind of hidde..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-CAMLENS1080P
  This stylish and comfortable polarized Lenses for Sunglasses. The polarized lens with UV400 resistance allows you to see clearly under any situation Description: Color Lenses Packaging: 5x colour Lens..
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24/7 WIFI Wall Power Adapter Camera  Remotely Connect using WIFI Connection The 24/7 operation capability is just the beginning of what this device offers. This wall power adapter is a professional recorder for your home that connects wirelessly to your mobile phone using the home WIFI..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-SDCV-32C10
Master SD SDHC Memory Card - 32GB Class 10 Full HD support , 20MB/s Data Transfer The 32GB SDHC memory card is the perfect card to use with your camera and tablet devices. It provides ultra-fast speeds (20 MB/sec) for photo, video and your applications to enhance performance.   Desc..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-LIGHTER1080P
  Hidden Camera Lighter with Full HD Video Recording 1920x1080P.   Lighter spy mini cam is easy to use and best used for ensuring security. They are very different from the usual spying cameras. It has a look similar to a cigarette lighter. And the best thing about it is t..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-CARKEY1080-B
Car Keychain Ring Remote Camera Mini Spy Hidden Recorder.   This product is the most effective and smallest spy camera which can be easily hidden. These cams can be used for the surveillance of the broad spectrum measures. These are one of the best mini spy hidden cameras available for ..
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Hidden Power Bank Camera with Night Vision Recording Works on the Go - Lightweight and Easy to UseThis long-lasting power bank camera is what you need for capturing videos and images discretely and without raising any attention. The spy camera is compact and portable for hand-held operations, re..
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Office Glasses Camera Hidden RecorderThe office spy glasses camera records videos and captures pictures discreetly using the invisible camera lens. These hidden glasses are a perfect companion for gathering evidence for investigations and journalism material with a press of a button. The spy glasses..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-P01-1080P
Spy Pen Camera Hidden Voice Recorder Australia In this evolving World, you don’t have to worry about what is going on in your home or office. You can monitor them by using many electronic gadgets. VimelTech spy pen camera is a monitoring device which records both the audio and video. This he..
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    Security is what everyone wants, whether at home or office or any public place. One needs to feel safe and secure. The need is a device which could monitor everything that is happening and give a feeling of security. The device that is being talked about here is a spy came..
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