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4G 3G Cameras

3G 4G GSM Security Cameras

Security is a major issue in any company or facilitation where information needs to be confidential to secure the research and development work or other sensitive issues. Hence, security cameras help in such cases which record the videos and with modernization, there are many ultra tech cameras emerging in the security market. GSM security cameras by Security labs are top notch 3G 4G GSM security cameras in Australia. Security Lab offers the latest models of security cameras with latest technologies and which supports 3G and 4G. They offer excellent security to the remote off-grid places due to their enhanced technologies which can also support advanced 3G and 4G.

These Remote View  cameras can monitor any isolated area with limited view angle and can work without any internet connection and infrastructure. They are very easy to use. Users just need to insert the SIM card into the device, and it is ready to use which offers the capability to view the video remotely anywhere from mobile, computer or any other devices that support the network connection. Security Lab enhanced these security cameras by equipping them with battery and powered with solar stock. These battery back-ups and solar stacks will help the customer to avoid the messy charging cables. The battery backup and solar stacks also help the consumers to save money as the need for buying messy wires reduce and due to this these products can be fitted into any decoration without much problem.

Our Wireless security cameras are mostly available to buy in Australia, but they can be used from anywhere across the place which supports the range of the 4G cellular network. Our 4G cameras can support different SIM providers such as Telstra, Optus, Vodafone SIM card and will work all along Australia including famous places such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and other reputed cities.

As said security is an important need and installing a powerful security camera like 3G 4G GSM security cameras will definitely make the security tighter to any of the intruders or cheaters over the installed setup with live video recording. These Security cameras are more suitable and target for the secluded places where the availability of the internet or power is very rare. These security cameras can be installed at various places such as remote cabin, farm ranch, boat, shed, marina, hotel, construction sites, campsite, warehouse etc., in order to help consumers with great safety.

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