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Spy Mini Cameras

Micro Spy cams

The advent of technology has indeed been a revolution that changes the world completely with new devices being introduced into the market every day. With smartphones and advanced personal computer evolving, innovative gadgets are entering the lives of many people, making it smarter and efficient. Technology has revolutionized the security and surveillance field with many advanced gadgets being introduced. Surveillance has a major role to play in many cases such as government security and to identify any frauds occurring across different places. Hence, surveillance is important as it can give instant feedback regarding any illegal or fraudulent activities occurring at different places.

But, in order to monitor the actions of other people without their notice is the biggest problem, as many big surveillance cameras will be visible to naked eyes. People will easily notice such big gadgets and they will be on high alert before making any moves. To avoid such results, hidden cameras plays a crucial role to record and monitor the actions of a person or without letting him know. Hidden cameras are available in various forms such as pen camera, cap camera, book hidden cameras etc. In order to make it more interesting, there are many micro spy cameras in the market that can be installed without attracting any notice and can be adjusted in several angles.

Pen camera which has inbuilt micro spy cam can be adjusted in the pocket of the person who is recording. One can record the footages directly from these hidden cameras and can either broadcast the recordings or may even store in the memory for the further uses.

VIMEL offers their customers with professional spy cameras at best affordable prices in Australia. They provide these innovative spy gears with additional features such as night vision and motion activated cameras which are available to everyone. Get the batman like feel with the coolest spy gadgets that are available on Vimel.

We provide in high-end DIY spy camera, and we have the stock of most discrete spy equipment. We offer different spy cameras such as sunglass cameras, wireless spy camera, glasses with an in-built camera module that can record video and capture clear picture even at night which can be easily hidden. We ensure that our gadget will never let you down. Make sure to check our updated sale offers regularly for all our HD surveillance and DIY spy cameras and get the best shipping offers on spy gear in Australia.

Spy Camera hidden miniature recorder. This is a discreet spy camera that will allow you to record incidents around you in a very inconspicuous manner, and allow you to collect solid evidence instead of mere hearsay. It is an ordinary looking device that can peep out of your shirt and looks like ..
Ex Tax:$80.91
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-BUTCAM1080
Spy Video camera with Extra Long Recording hours with included power bank     Extra Long Recording Spy Video camera with power bank Security is everyone's prime priority. Businesses, governments, and even families are taking initiatives to secure their surroundings wit..
Ex Tax:$153.64
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-CARKEY1080
Keyring Camera Spy car Remote   VIMEL has launched their very new Keyring camera Spy Car remote. It captures images and videos with a beautiful and powerful camera which has a resolution of 1920*1080p. This camera can be least significantly seen when someone is having a casual look over..
Ex Tax:$117.27
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-LIGHTER1080P
  Hidden Camera Lighter with Full HD Video Recording 1920x1080P.   Lighter spy mini cam is easy to use and best used for ensuring security. They are very different from the usual spying cameras. It has a look similar to a cigarette lighter. And the best thing about it is t..
Ex Tax:$99.09
Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-CAM161
  Miniature Pinhole Spy Camera Our homes are the most important spaces for us, and we like to feel safe in them at all times. However, there may be a fear of intruders in the house when nobody is present. Hidden cameras are a great way to ease your mind and secure your home. A motion-ac..
Ex Tax:$136.36
Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-CAM160
The safety of our loved ones is very important for all of us. Whether in a vehicle, a camper, in our business quarters or at home, we all want to be at ease and not worry about our safety. This advanced spy camera with full HD and 1080p motion activation feature will greatly impact your sense of saf..
Ex Tax:$126.36
Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-52HD
Motion activated Spy Cam Technology has brought about a great change in our lives. It has helped us in many ways in the way we conduct business to our everyday tasks and chores. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it has brought about a revolution in our world. The security sector has als..
Ex Tax:$162.73
Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-USBCAM01
Miniature spy camera USB flash drive Australia We all want to maintain safety in our own house. It is supposed to be a safe and private space for us. If there is a suspicion that someone can come in and invade our premises, we need to have some form of defence against that. With an ideal hidden ..
Ex Tax:$53.64
Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-CAM164
  Wi-Fi Wireless Spy Camera Security camera are preferred by everyone because they have a wide range of multiple features. For the surveillance, they prove to be the best. Vimel spy camera is just the perfect spy cam which you need. It is quite easy to install with clear and concise dir..
Ex Tax:$144.55
Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-CAM158
  Motion Activated Hidden Camera This product is an easily concealed and a handy spy camera. This camera is an excellent way to keep your place well protected under your inspection. With most of the hidden cameras, proper installation is required to set it up. But this hidden compact su..
Ex Tax:$144.55
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