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Night Vision Binoculars

Google Night vision Monoculars

The first things that pop up in the mind when we come across the word night vision are about spying or some action scientific fiction movies that use specialized technology during the night to track enemies. In many movies, one may have watched people wearing a pair of night vision goggles and roaming around a dark area or building to inspect or to find someone missing, and you may have wondered "Do these night vision goggles really exist?" or "Can people really see in the dark through goggles?"

The answer to such questions is definitely yes. People who use this night vision equipment can see anything or any person standing in the range of 200 yards (183 m) even in the moonless, dark and cloudy night. These devices which can be used to see during the night and capable of amplifying light are called night vision monocular. Normally, night vision monoculars work in two different ways, based on the technology used in the building of night vision monocular.

  • Image enhancement: Image enhancement technique works with the principle of collecting the small amounts of light including the lower portion of the infrared light spectrum which is generally not visible to naked eyes directly. Then these collected light samples are amplified to the point to which image is visible to the user.
  • Thermal Imaging: Thermal imaging is another technique that is based on the temperature omissions of different bodies. In this technology, the upper portion of the infrared light spectrum which is emitted by heat object is captured. Capturing heat instead of reflected light will be more useful as warm bodies emit more infrared spectrum than the cooler objects such as trees or buildings.

Excited to buy a night vision monocular? Security Labs offers the best night vision monoculars that can capture bodies even in the dark light and we offer delivery of our products across Australia. Hunters and hobbyists can take advantages from these night vision monoculars. Security Labs always keeps updating its catalogue with latest and used-to-be military grade devices which are used for surveillance at night times. These innovative night vision monoculars have great optical zoom capability along with head mounting which makes it easy to use for a night hunt. Though we don't sell rifle scopes with night vision, these monoculars will be very useful for Professional surveillance experts, hunters and tech-savvy hobbyists who want explore the nights and they can buy the best digital night vision monocular form security labs which provide the best security and spy gear in Australia.

  The new VIMEL Monocular Night Vision are amongst the best gadgets for users who want to envision a target from a long distance during the night, it is the most advanced hunting gadget you could own, the structure and the ergonomics fill in all your missing needs, this monocular gadget wil..
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    Night Vision Gadgets never get better than this, VIMEL is now providing you with the most advanced gadgets yet, these monocular  goggles are something unlike your ordinary hand held, this device is head mounted which enables you to completely remove the issue relating to m..
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Vimel 6x50 Night Vision Monocular   There nothing better or more advanced than this night vision monocular gadget, it is perfect and compatible at its form. What makes this device so rare and advanced in its form and its size, it’s convenient for use especially for people who want to us..
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  These are not the average binoculars you own or purchase from a regular store, these are military grade binoculars that are perfect for everyone including you once you get a hand on this ultimate weapon of the night, you will never want to go back to your old night vision gadgets. The dev..
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Vimel Night Vision Rifle Scope You are one lucky person once you get your hands on this gadget, it is the most advanced rifle scope yet, using night vision you get full time perspective both day and night. Using this scope will prepare for anything out in the open, it is everything it takes to b..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-MONO2N
VIMEL IR Digital Monocular Night Vision Camera This monocular model from VIMEL is the solution you need for your night time exploration with wildlife and the environments using night vision. The occasions involving hiking, camping, forest exploration and locating an animal are not an issue for y..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-MONO4N
VIMEL Digital Monocular Night Vision Camera The VIMEL monocular is the gadget you need for exploring the dark settings of the environment, whether they’re forests, mountains, deserts or jungles. This device is the tool for discovering new areas, observing wildlife during the night even especiall..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-MONO3N
VIMEL Digital Monocular Scope IR Night Vision Camera The VIM-MONO3N monocular gadget is the perfect option to how you want to approach your wildlife explorations, helping you discover and observe in full darkness. The portability and it’s multifunctional factor allows it to be an ultimate device..
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Binoculars have never got this far with technology, this gadget is basically in comparison with military grade binoculars, this device is packed with variety of amazing features that you could really use when you’re outdoors, especially out in the environment. The whole kit prepares you for all sort..
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This is a professional device for any user who loves exploring the wild during day and night, it is advanced at what it performs, its not an ordinary night vision gadget that you would find out on the market, the night vision uses is spectacular for it’s high resolution quality, but the best part is..
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This has to be one of the most portable devices out on the market that uses night vision to help you see through low lighted areas, the darkness is no longer the barrier between you and the target you are trying to identify.  You are the predator during the night thanks to this device, tracking..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-MONO5N
VIMEL IR Digital Monocular Night Vision Camera The VIM-MONO5N is the model you need for wildlife explorations, helping you capture all the footage required for your investigations whether you’re out camping, hiking, exploring caves or capturing animals such predators. Get an insight over your ta..
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