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Spy cameras

Belt Miniature Spy Camera Wireless IP Hidden Remote View Want to keep surveillance over your house or keep an eye inside your office? We bring to you the best choice to keep both your eyes and ears over places you want to monitor in your absence. Presenting an ideal spy camera with which yo..
Ex Tax:$135.45
Wireless Hidden Bluetooth Speaker Camera   Spy cameras are essential, especially for security reasons. By installing them in places like homes or offices or any building, you can be assured of keeping the building secured. They record each and every moment, so you have accountability o..
Ex Tax:$144.55
Safety and security are perhaps the most critical aspect when it comes to the protection of our home and family members. However, most of the general public tend to disregard this aspect. People take their security for granted until they experience an unfortunate event of burglary or theft. The worl..
Ex Tax:$180.91
Spy Camera hidden miniature recorder. This is a discreet spy camera that will allow you to record incidents around you in a very inconspicuous manner, and allow you to collect solid evidence instead of mere hearsay. It is an ordinary looking device that can peep out of your shirt and looks like ..
Ex Tax:$62.73
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-BUTCAM1080
Spy Video camera with Extra Long Recording hours with included power bank     Extra Long Recording Spy Video camera with power bank Security is everyone's prime priority. Businesses, governments, and even families are taking initiatives to secure their surroundings wit..
Ex Tax:$153.64
WIFI WIRELESS SECURITY CAMERA Whenever we go outside our property, the first thing that strikes our mind is security. Security of our property in our absence is the most worried and concerned topic in our day to day hectic lives. We are so busy and occupied in making our lives better, that we ig..
Ex Tax:$126.36
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-PCAM1080IR
Secret Long battery time hidden camera Whether you're living in a suburban neighbourhood, or in the middle of a big city, it is natural to feel anxious about your home's security, with the number of crimes on the rise. It affects people all around the world, and it may affect you too. But no mat..
Ex Tax:$117.27
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-POW2
Hidden Camera Motion Activated Night Vision These days, technology has become so advanced that it is helping us in various fields of life. From daily chores to other activities, technology has made our life easy in all aspects.  Talking about security, the technology has made almost every a..
Ex Tax:$162.73
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-WIFIP3
Vimel Long Battery Spy Camera- wireless hidden cam A good spy camera with a long battery backup is what one dreams to own, and Vimel power-bank wi-fi camera is the perfect product with these features. This wifi camera skilfully comes in disguise of a power bank which can be used to charge variou..
Ex Tax:$162.73
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-CARKEY1080
Keyring Camera Spy car Remote   VIMEL has launched their very new Keyring camera Spy Car remote. It captures images and videos with a beautiful and powerful camera which has a resolution of 1920*1080p. This camera can be least significantly seen when someone is having a casual look over..
Ex Tax:$117.27
Home Security Clock Spy Hidden Camera Motion Detection Home Security Clock Spy Hidden Camera Motion Detection
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Wireless Spy Camera 1080P IP Remote View Weather Station with FM Radio Are you an entrepreneur? Or are you living in an apartment?  Doesn’t matter who you are and where you are, you deserve your privacy. Nowadays, people are more conscious of security. This is a wireless hidden camera with ..
Ex Tax:$171.82
Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-HOOK
4GB Home Security Camera with Remote Control   Security Spy clothes hook camera with audio and video recording function. Recording is activated automatically by motion detection or manually. With motion detection, it consumes low power and can record for a long time. This spy camera s..
Ex Tax:$62.73
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