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Spy Camera Wireless recorder motion detection

Spy Camera Wireless recorder motion detection
Spy Camera Wireless recorder motion detection
Spy Camera Wireless recorder motion detection
Spy Camera Wireless recorder motion detection
Spy Camera Wireless recorder motion detection
Spy Camera Wireless recorder motion detection
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Spy Camera Wireless recorder motion detection
Spy Camera Wireless recorder motion detection
Spy Camera Wireless recorder motion detection
Spy Camera Wireless recorder motion detection
Spy Camera Wireless recorder motion detection
Spy Camera Wireless recorder motion detection
Spy Camera Wireless recorder motion detection

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Introducing the Pinnacle of Security Solutions: The Hidden Spy Camera WIFI IP with Extended Battery Life and Motion Sensing

In an era fraught with growing uncertainties, the need to fortify your home and workplace safety cannot be overstated. The Hidden Spy Camera stands as your reliable sentry, ushering in a new era of discrete surveillance to provide you with the serenity you seek. This concealed recorder brings forth a comprehensive security solution, boasting an array of remarkable attributes.

A Discreet Surveillance Marvel

With the wireless spy camera, you can vigilantly watch over your cherished ones and safeguard your precious assets, ensuring their protection. This diminutive and unobtrusive gadget has been thoughtfully crafted to harmonise seamlessly with its surroundings, delivering tranquillity without drawing unwarranted attention. The concealed spy camera diligently captures live video, affording you a real-time window into your environment, regardless of your whereabouts - whether you are within the confines of your home, at your workplace, or voyaging to far-flung destinations. With this formidable instrument, you can rest assured that a steadfast guardian is ever-watchful over what is most valuable to you.

Unrivaled Flexibility

The Secret WiFi Camera epitomises versatility like none other. With its built-in Wi-Fi feature, you can peruse live feeds or revisit recorded video clips from your computer or mobile phone. This unparalleled accessibility guarantees you remain well-informed, irrespective of your geographic location.

Extended Battery Life for Uninterrupted Surveillance

Concerns regarding battery life are a recurring theme with many spy cameras, yet the Spy Cam puts such concerns to rest. Equipped with an extensive battery, this covert camera operates for extended periods, ensuring unceasing surveillance, even in remote locales or during power interruptions. This translates to your ability to seize every pivotal moment in real time, and your security remains uncompromised.

Motion-Sensitive for Efficiency

This spy cam isn't merely a passive observer; it's a sophisticated piece of technology. Through motion-activated technology, video recording is initiated only upon detecting motion, conserving storage space and preserving battery life. This astute feature guarantees the capture of significant moments while minimising superfluous footage, rendering it an excellent choice for extended-duration monitoring.

Unblemished Video and Audio Quality

The Secret WiFi Camera doesn't limit itself to video alone; it also has audio capabilities. This feature allows you to witness events as they transpire and to perceive them audibly. Whether you're eavesdropping on conversations or checking in on your infant's nursery, the audio recording capability grants an additional layer of security and tranquillity.

Multifarious Applications

The potential applications of the Spy Camera are infinite. Use it as a nanny cam to diligently oversee your children and their caregivers, guaranteeing their well-being. Employ it as a concealed camera to safeguard your prized belongings and confidential information. Supervise your workplace to furnish a secure environment for your workforce and business assets. This multifaceted device adapts to many situations, accommodating your unique security requirements.

Constant Connectivity, Anytime, Anywhere

Imagine the capacity to surveil your loved ones and valuable possessions even in your absence. Thanks to the omnipotence of Wi-Fi, this dream is now a reality. By harnessing the capabilities of a covert spy cam, you can effortlessly access live feeds from virtually anywhere at any time, fostering tranquillity and security. Whether situated at your residence, office, or on the move, remote viewing technology empowers you to respond swiftly to unforeseen events and remain connected to the most significant elements in your life.

Effortless Setup in Minutes

Refrain from allowing the advanced features of this device to intimidate you. The process of configuring the Hidden Spy Cam is a breeze. Facilitated by a user-friendly interface and lucid instructions, your security system will be operational within minutes. There's no need for intricate installations or specialised technical skills; it's a plug-and-play solution.

Secure Your Home and Workplace Today

The Spy Cam represents the ultimate solution in a world where safety and security hold paramount significance. This covert spy recorder protects your loved ones and valuable possessions, diligently surveying your environment with pristine video and audio quality. This versatile device empowers you to remain in control at home or on the move. The time has come to elevate your security to the next level and experience the unparalleled protection that the Hidden Spy Camera WIFI IP offers. Regarding safety, never compromise—select a device that places your peace of mind above all else.




  • Motion-triggered Camera
  • LIVE Video on your phone iPhone/Android,PC
  • Remotely LIVE VIDEO your workers, children and baby
  • Watch Live videos or recorded videos remotely on your phone.
  • Record even little movement detected
  • Remote Push Alarm messages on mobile phone
  • It is an excellent solution to catch who scratches your car and steals your stuff.
  • Anti Theft
  • Nanny Camera
  • Video/Audio Recording
  • Remote Control
  • micro SD card recording up 128GB
  • Horizontal Rotatable Camera, usable through your phone
  • up to 1 month working in standby mode
  • up to 10 hours of continuous recording with a built-in battery




  • Video resolution: 1920*1080
  • Video recording on micro SD:  1080*720
  • Frames Max 25fps
  • Compressed format H.264
  • View angle 90°
  • Maximum capacity of memory card 128GB
  • Mobile phone operation system Android/iOS
  • Battery capacity 5000mA
  • Recording 1 minute/ around 20MB
  • Working time: About 8-10 hours
  • Charging time: About 10-15 hours
  • Power adapter 5V / 2A


  • 1 X Spy Camera
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual



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