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Wireless IP Cameras

Wireless IP Cameras.

Crime rates all around the world has escalated to a whole new level. In order to maintain security, the government officials along with the common people must seek to take assistance of technology which can help detect and curb the occurrence of illegal practices in the long run.


Wireless IP cameras are available in a wide variety in the Australian market at steak away prices which people should consider purchasing to bring about a sense of security in their personal life style. These are mostly available in different designs which are offered by companies like Security Lab. The products are very sophisticated and a good buy which could be ordered online and delivered in any city of Australia.


It's advisable to buy Wi-Fi security cameras if you want an unmatched high-quality good performance device. It's important to know that if you are purchasing the camera from the security lab then it eases up half of your work as the product is easy to install at any powered locations. One of its outstanding features is that it runs without attachment to any video cable and matches the high standards of wired security cameras.


A morsel food for thought here would be to know that these cameras require a minimum of 12V DC power. It has a unique feature for night vision and flood light. Use​Wireless IP cameras for building a stronghold, your security network controlled via PC, smartphone or tablet.


These cameras are convenient and useful. The adapter will be useful in transmitting video signals without any use of wires. These are widely used in the security industry and are gaining popularity in the commercial market as well. The security lab recommends using these Wireless IP cameras for home security as these have strong signal penetration, 4 GHz detectors which is a commendable feature of these cameras and above all it has powerful signal encryption. Installing these at homes or anywhere else ensures powerful 24 hours surveillance. An individual can also control the mobile camera via tabs, PC and mobile phones.


These are the best quality camera with long battery life. What makes these cameras unique is the fact that these could easily be controlled through a remote which further could be controlled by a TV/PC/SMARTPHONE etc. These are high-quality cameras which are very affordable and a steal for those who especially are in need of one.

Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-4G34
  There is only solution to all your household problems, it is this 4G security camera, when it comes to property problems such as intrusion and vandalism this device has everything it takes to prevent it. Now you are probably wondering how such small gadget can easily solve this p..
Ex Tax:$481.82
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-4GIND
  Are you having trouble finding a suitable security camera for your household, well don’t forget that this security camera has everything you need to protect your household from intrusion and theft. It is a wireless device that enables you to connect to it Wirelessly thanks to the SIM Card..
Ex Tax:$262.73
2 in 1  -   3G GSM + WIFI Camera   This is a simple camera, a simple camera that can get the job done in the simplest way. What makes this security camera so special is the part where it can protect your house, it is completely wireless meaning that you won’t have to be manual..
Ex Tax:$171.82
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-4G74-96
  Security is important for anyone who owns a large property no matter the circumstances, this VIMEL Security camera is a perfect example of a device that can secure your property form intrusion and theft, it uses advanced features that enhance the quality of its functionality, it not o..
Ex Tax:$445.45
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-GUARD8
    Are you worried over your property being intruded, well this is the most advanced home security system you will come across, it is the best solution for all sorts of problems relating to security in your property. It uses variations of features that prevent intrusion at yo..
Ex Tax:$540.91
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-GUARD10-2
  The most reliable security systems are the ones that can function independently and even wirelessly, the best factor about these type of security systems is the advanced features it uses to protect you property from all sorts of intrusion, intruders have nothing to expect when it comes to..
Ex Tax:$354.55
IP Cloud Solar Security Camera - Long Standby Time  Security cameras are outdoor accessories you need to keep your home monitored and safe from any sorts of problems including intrusion and vandalism. This model is ready to capture and alert you over any problems your property faces. Stay..
Ex Tax:$180.91
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