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Pen Camera HD 1080P Vimel Australia

Pen Camera HD 1080P Vimel Australia
Pen Camera HD 1080P Vimel Australia
Pen Camera HD 1080P Vimel Australia
Pen Camera HD 1080P Vimel Australia
Pen Camera HD 1080P Vimel Australia
Pen Camera HD 1080P Vimel Australia
Pen Camera HD 1080P Vimel Australia
Pen Camera HD 1080P Vimel Australia
Pen Camera HD 1080P Vimel Australia
Pen Camera HD 1080P Vimel Australia
Pen Camera HD 1080P Vimel Australia

Pen Spy Camera with HD Quality

Embark on a captivating journey into cutting-edge surveillance with our upgraded Pen Spy Camera. This discreet and versatile recording solution seamlessly merges state-of-the-art technology with an exquisite design. This multifunctional pen camera, thoughtfully engineered as a nanny cam, transcends boundaries, elevating your recording experience by flawlessly capturing high-quality video and images. It stands as the quintessential choice for a myriad of scenarios.

Unparalleled Video and Audio Recording Excellence

At the heart of this revolutionary device resides a formidable 3-megapixel image sensor. The Mini Spy Camera discreetly embedded within this pen is a technological marvel and a steadfast guarantee of exceptional video and audio quality. With a maximum FULL HD 2K resolution and a silky-smooth 30 fps frame rate, this discreet device ensures that every nuance of your crucial moments is meticulously recorded and immortalised with precision.

Versatile and Discreet Design Tailored for Every Occasion

Beyond its primary function as a writing instrument, this pen camera, assuming the role of a secret camera, unveils many capabilities crafted to meet your diverse recording needs. Whether meticulously documenting crucial meetings, conducting insightful interviews, or discreetly capturing unfolding events, its design ensures it remains incognito, making it suitable for myriad situations.

Best Spy Pen Camera XHD 1080P Australia

Effortless One-Touch Recording Convenience

The Security Camera Pen distinguishes itself with its standout one-touch video recording feature. Discreetly initiate video and audio recording with a mere touch, effortlessly capturing those pivotal moments. Its user-friendly design adds to the seamless operation, making recording an event a breeze.

Enhanced USB Flash Drive Functionality for On-the-Go Efficiency

In pursuing an all-in-one recording solution, the Mini WiFi Camera housed within this pen emerges as your trusted ally. It seamlessly captures high-quality videos, audio, and pictures and transcends mere functionality. The built-in USB flash drive transforms this pen into a convenient hub for securely storing and transferring your files. With its discreet design and the added layer of password protection, your recordings remain private and secure.

Time and Date Stamping: A Beacon of Organizational Excellence

Our Surveillance Camera Pen introduces an innovative timestamping feature for convenience and meticulous organisation. Each of your videos is elegantly marked with the date and time, simplifying the cataloguing and referencing of your captured footage. This ensures a pristine and chronological record of events, a testament to our attention to detail.

Diverse Applications for the Hidden Spy Camera

The versatility of our Hidden Spy Camera extends beyond its technical prowess to find application in a diverse range of scenarios. This pen camera proves invaluable, from the rigours of work-related tasks to the subtlety required for discreet shopping or navigating potentially hazardous areas. Recording meetings, interviews, and conversations becomes not just a task but a seamless process, aiding in enhancing your interviewing skills and gathering essential information.

High-Quality Images and Videos: An Unmatched Visual and Auditory Experience

Capture moments and experiences with high-quality images and videos that leave every detail in sight. The Mini Spy Camera's miniature voice recorder feature is meticulously designed for discreetly collecting evidence and conducting surveillance. This transforms the pen camera into a versatile and potent tool for recording and experiencing the richness of your surroundings.

Discretion Meets Functionality in the Nanny Cam Pen

In the fusion of discretion with cutting-edge technology, the Nanny Cam Pen is an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and inconspicuous video solution. Its compact design seamlessly resembles a regular pen, allowing you to record without drawing undue attention.

Elevate Your Recording Experience with the Surveillance Camera

Enhance your recording experience with the Surveillance Camera embedded within this pen. With its FULL HD 2K resolution and a 3-megapixel image sensor, this camera ensures that every detail is captured and immortalised with stunning clarity. The experience is not just about recording; it's about creating a visual narrative of your world.

Versatility in Your Pocket with the Hidden Camera Pen

More than just a recording device, the Hidden Camera Pen doubles as a USB flash drive. It offers convenient storage and file transfer capabilities and becomes your all-in-one recording solution. The ability to record video and audio, take pictures, and store files elevates this pen camera to more than a device – it becomes an indispensable companion on your recording journey.

Effortless Operation of the Nanny Camera Recorder

Operating the Nanny Camera Recorder is as effortless as the one-touch recording feature. A simple touch discreetly initiates video and audio recording, allowing you to capture those essential moments effortlessly. Whether it's a high-stakes meeting, a revealing interview, or the discreet documentation of unfolding events, this user-friendly design ensures that your recording endeavours are efficient and enjoyable.

Stay Connected Anywhere, Anytime with Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Spy Camera Pen introduces a whole new dimension of convenience with its built-in Wi-Fi functionality. Monitor your video remotely, accessing live video feeds from your mobile device, whether you find yourself in another room or miles away from the recording location. This feature transcends mere surveillance; it provides peace of mind, ensuring you remain in control of your recording journey.

Organise Your Recordings with Timestamps for Precision

Take advantage of the timestamp feature on our pen camera to mark your recordings with the date and time. This meticulous attention to detail adds a layer of precision to the cataloging and referencing of your captured footage, creating a transparent and chronological record of events.

Endless Possibilities with the Pen Spy Camera

A versatile tool is not just a tool; it opens up endless possibilities. Our Pen Spy Camera is not confined to a singular purpose; it proves invaluable for work-related tasks, discreet shopping excursions, or venturing into potentially dangerous areas. It becomes a catalyst for improving your interviewing skills and gathering essential information by seamlessly recording meetings, interviews, and conversations.

Capture Every Detail with the Vimel Best Pen Camera

The Vimel Best Pen Camera captures every detail precisely. Its miniature voice recorder feature, acting as a Spy Camera with Audio, becomes the perfect instrument for discreetly collecting evidence and conducting surveillance. This renders our pen camera a versatile and powerful tool aptly suited for various recording scenarios.

The Spy Pen Camera with HD Quality transcends the boundaries of a mere recording device; it is an immersive experience, an embodiment of cutting-edge technology elegantly packaged in a discreet design. From crystal-clear video and audio capabilities to the versatile and discreet design, this pen camera is a testament to ingenuity. Embrace the power of a high-definition recorder with the Vimel Best Pen Camera, where discretion meets technology for an unparalleled and enriching surveillance experience.


  • Multifunctional Pen 2 in 1
  • Can Record Video/Audio
  • Can take Pictures
  • USB Flash drive function
  • Image Sensor: 3Mpx
  • FULL HD 1920x1080P  with record 30 fps
  • Mini Camera
  • One button recording
  • Discreet built-in camera
  • Lens cover
  • No driver required - plug-and-play operation
  • Connect to USB port to charge



  • USB Interface: 2.0
  • Lens : 65 degrees
  • Video file format : MOV
  • Video Format:  Full HD 1920x1080P, AVI with 30fps
  • Battery life: up to 80mins
  • Image Sensor: 3Mpx
  • Memory: 16GB ( 5 hours of Video Recording)
  • Recording Mode: Continuous or manual
  • Built-in Rechargeable battery
  • Operation System Support : WINDOWS 7/8/10 LINUX, Recorded Video can be played back on iOS MAC
  • Weight: 50gr


  • 1 x Pen Camera
  • 1 x English User Manual ( note: the pen is set up to MAX video resolution, so setup.exe file is no longer needed)

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