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Counter Surveillance

Professional Spy Cameras, Bugs, Listening Devices, GPS trackers  Detector We live in times where technology is advanced, technology that breaches our privacy and security, the issue is that you never know when you are being spied on by other people, which is exactly why you need this device..
Ex Tax:$527.27
Advanced Detector of hidden bugs and cameras At this moment breech of privacy is common amongst everyone, especially when you are either been sprayed on through video / audio recording. But that can be fixed thanks to this Bug detector it detects all sorts of spying gadgets that can be placed an..
Ex Tax:$544.55
Professional Spy GPS Tracker Bug Detector FinderGPS trackers have become more discrete and more challenging to locate. This VIMEL GPS tracker detector has everything it takes to locate wireless spy trackers ranging from 4G, 3G to 2G cellular gsm models that are found within seconds based on indicati..
Ex Tax:$445.45
Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-CC312
Spy Cameras Detector, Hidden Bugs Finder Are you worried over your personal security when it comes to hidden gadgets installed near you, especially your property or even your workplace. These days hidden cameras and Spy gadgets are common for use especially when technology advances, which is why..
Ex Tax:$117.27
Professional Detector This bug detector is portable and convenient for anyone including you, it detects and tracks down any hidden surveillance installed nearby which prevents you from being exposed to them, it can detect all radio frequencies including 3G/4G devices, it scans around the room, t..
Ex Tax:$271.82
Brand: VIMEL Model: GSM SAFE 3
GSM SAFE 3 WIDE version for 4"-6.5" phones Detector of the illegal activation of mobile phones with protection function   The GSM Safe 3 provides assurance on mobile phone safety, this device is installed on your mobile phone or even someone else’s to locate and detect illegal a..
Ex Tax:$390.00
Brand: VIMEL Model: GSM BOX 2
GSM BOX 2 Detector of the illegal activation of mobile phones Professional Series     We are in time where tapping-in is more advanced, where you are not from entering calls or talking to your friends and families as you can be spied on therefore you are not able to ta..
Ex Tax:$362.73
Mini Spy Camera Locator inside Rooms and Homes The VIM-DETECT8 is a bug detector model you need to locate all kinds of spy cameras around rooms and inside your home with 100% visual operation. Spy cameras take many forms of house objects and accessories left in your home to spy on you. All spy ..
Ex Tax:$208.18
Brand: VIMEL Model: Protect 1206i
Protect 1206i NEW!  Spy Camera Detector Hidden Bugs Wireless GSM Mobile Phone Finder Device Sweeper Professional Series with new improved antenna     This device is a counter surveillance device that can run for 10 hours continuously for your protection and safety..
Ex Tax:$618.18
Brand: VIMEL Model: Protect 1207i
  Protect 1207i Spy Camera Detector Hidden Bugs Wireless GSM Mobile Phone Finder Device Sweeper Professional Series       The Protect 1207i has to be the most professional bug detector on the market, it uses high end technology that is in comparison w..
Ex Tax:$908.18
Brand: VIMEL Model: Rabbler
MNG 300 Rabbler Portable White Noise Voice Generator Killer Spy Bugs Found Detector Professional Series The Rabbler 300 is a perfect choice for when comes to countering any surveillance gadgets, the safety is on your hands which is why you will able to protect it using the Rabbler ..
Ex Tax:$526.36
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-007
Spy Camera Detector Hidden Bugs Wireless GSM Mobile Phone Finder Device Sweeper This bug detector detects radio frequencies, it does this through electromagnetic field of waves, it pin points the exact location of the covert devices that are hidden from an eye, it essentially locates any radio f..
Ex Tax:$226.36
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