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Trail Cameras

Trail Cameras


Trail cameras, also known as hunting cameras are perfect looking cameras that are extremely affordable and most commonly used for surveillance purposes in the Australian markets. Vimel store provides the most profitable deals of these trail cams. These cams are a steal especially to those who love wildlife photography. They have a particular type of feature known as no glow flash which in the absence of a person clicking the picture, captures the animal in its most realistic form.


The flash looks so invisible that forget about animals, even humans fail to detect it. Hence, these are great surveillance devices for outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. The security lab stores in Australia has a wonderful range of trail cameras that are perfectly equipped with infrared sensors and motion features. These game-changing cameras have a PIR sensor or an infrared sensor which they use as a trigger that helps in capturing images more efficiently. The best part is that all the trail cameras available in the store can be purchased by a person on sale meaning you get the best deal at affordable prices. 


Talking about the uses of trail cameras, these are widely used for capturing wild animals. A person could make a video or click a picture, and the animal wouldn't get even the slightest hint of it. Animals sometimes may get aggressive which might also lead to an attack or a charge when it notices foreign objects or persons in their natural habitat. So to make sure this situation does not come into existence, it is safer to use trail cameras. What makes trail cameras unique is that they are waterproof and have no glow flash, motion detection feature and night vision enabling them to click pictures at night.


Different types of trail cameras are available in the Australian market depending upon the buyers need. Some might want a camera with solar power energy while some can buy a camera with battery power. Hunters most commonly use these trail cameras. They might use it for studying nest ecology, detection of rare species, estimation of population size & species richness, research on habitat use etc.


The Vimel store can provide all the critical accessories or modules for trail cams at reasonable prices that might be needed by a hunter or any wildlife enthusiast. With the increasing demand for professionals in the hunting or wildlife photography field, the demand for such cameras has also captured the market.

Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-4GWILD6
Outdoor Trail Camera 4G Solar Powered 2K Home/Property Security The outdoor trail camera sets a new standard in home and property security. The camera offers ultra HD 2K video recording capabilities to capture every detail with clarity. Safeguard your home with confide..
Ex Tax:$271.82
4G Trail Solar Security CameraOrdinary trail camera needs to visit the camera to pull the external card physically and view the pictures. But, it’s not safe at all the time to do this action. For avoiding those risks the cellular trail camera is utilized.The trail camera images are sent th..
Ex Tax:$362.73
4G Mobile Phone CameraToday’s competitive world, people don’t have enough time to do their basic works. While after buying a product online, they have to arrange it. But most people don’t like to assemble the product. So, those people can use Vimel 4G trail camera for their needs, which doesn’t..
Ex Tax:$253.64
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-4GWILD5
4G Outdoor Wild Life Security Camera LIVE VIEW Monitoring 2K Introducing the VIMEL 4G LIVE VIEW Outdoor Trail Camera ULTRA HD 2K, the ultimate surveillance camera for capturing evidence of wildlife and security breaches in any outdoor environment. This high-tech hunting camera boasts impressive fea..
Ex Tax:$262.73
4G Solar Powered Trail Camera with Metalbox Protection - Anti Theft 4G / 3G Network SIM Card ConnectivityThis high-quality trail camera uses a SIM card that connects to a smartphone via a 4G or 3G network. Anyone in Australia can utilize the technology to work remotely. As long as your phone is lin..
Ex Tax:$480.91
4G LIVE View Solar Powered Trail Camera Monitor Remotely Live – 4G and 3G Wireless Network ConnectionThe outdoor trail camera connects to your smartphone using the wireless network. Using the 4G / 3G cellular network, the camera can stay connected with you and send you alert notifications in real-t..
Ex Tax:$453.64
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-4GWILD5S
4G Solar Powered Trail Camera LIVE VIEW Monitoring ULTRA HD 2K Are you looking for a trail camera that provides professional quality recording and monitoring of outdoor terrains and environments 24/7? Look no further than the VIM-4GWILD5S, the ultimate wildlife security camera that captures everyth..
Ex Tax:$308.18
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-4GWILD4
VIMEL 4G ULTRA HD 4K Hunting Camera SIM Card Innovative 4G Technology for Remote AccessThe VIMEL 4G Wildlife Camera Outdoor ULTRA HD 4K is a state-of-the-art hunting camera that provides the convenience of remote access. With 4G/3G network support, this wildlife camera allows access to the footage ..
Ex Tax:$362.73
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-4GWILD3M
VIMEL 4G LIVE VIEW Heavy Duty Trail Camera 30MP The VIM-4GWILD3S is a rugged and reliable trail camera that is designed to capture the most amazing and captivating wildlife moments. The camera comes in a strong metal box case that protects it from theft and vandalism, providing peace of mind when i..
Ex Tax:$453.64
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-4GWILD4S
VIMEL 4G ULTRA HD 4K SOLAR PANEL Hunting Camera SIM Card Experience the Next Level of Wildlife Trail Camera Technology with the VIMEL 4G Long Lasting Solar Outdoor Trail Camera 4KAre you looking for the ultimate wildlife trail camera that offers high-end video recording and wireless access from any..
Ex Tax:$500.00
4G Trail Game CameraSeeking for the best 4G 3G trail camera?Here, the Vimel trail camera has the upgrade version along with 4G LTE network support and digital scouting camera. Also equipped with MMS and 4G function and you can be triggered by any motion in any location of your game.&n..
Ex Tax:$362.73
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-4GWILD3S
Wildlife Solar Trail Camera 4G Hunting 14MP ULTRA HD 2KThe Outdoor 4G Wildlife Camera is an exceptional tool designed to meet diverse monitoring needs for home security, agricultural surveillance, or wildlife research. This advanced trail camera integrates cutting-edge technology and robust features..
Ex Tax:$400.00
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