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Spy Pen Cameras

Spy Pen Cameras

Security Lab presents Wi-Fi spy pens with high-quality technical properties that are sure to impress any potential buyer. Live stream spy pen and mini-spy pen are the two new products that have been launched recently by the company, and each has a unique capability to make you realize the power that the technical verse holds. The spy pens truly live up to its name when it is explored in real life. It has the "spying" ability that is several times higher than the normal human capacity as it records every detail of a scenario in its area of presence which may skip the notice of human eyes.


What are the uses of a spy pen camera?


The spy pens by Security Lab has a modest look with hidden cameras attached to it which is invisible to the naked eyes. The invisible camera is, however, of an HD quality that records videos that are crystal clear. A spy pen camera is a useful gadget in this modern world and can be utilized for various purposes.


  • It can be used to record a conference session by merely placing it in the pocket or holding it in the hand while scribbling down notes.
  • It works as a faithful spy when one does not feel safe to visit a place and wishes to record any impending danger that may befall an individual. The spy camera in the phone can record any incidents as proof if any at all.
  • A breach between the colleagues or a simple copy of a recording of one's own interview or a performance session can be recorded by the spy pen camera for future reference without anyone having knowledge about the recording at all.
  • Not every place one visits allow video recordings and put a ban on such actions Some private gathering holds one punishable for breaking such a set norm. A spy pen camera is often carried to such locations for a secret recording.


Vimel in Australia has over 10 spy pen camera collections at their disposal, and one can choose among them. Acts of stealth and secret actions conducted are no more guesswork for the spy pen camera owner. The products easily fit in the pocket or in one's wallet. Some prefer to own a spy pen camera to keep themselves updated in the technical realm. Such individuals are the tech-savvy people who like to collect every modern gadget and keep it under their possession. A spy pen camera cannot be missed as it is a unique and very new device in the tech industry.

Model: VIM-P02-1080P
Spy Pen Camera With High ResolutionIn the dynamic realm of covert surveillance, the High-Resolution Spy Pen Camera emerges as a silent guardian, reshaping how we capture and chronicle pivotal moments. This unobtrusive device, expertly concealed within the guise of a pen, seamlessly integrates cuttin..
Ex Tax:$208.18
WiFi Spy Camera with 2K QualityIntroducing the Advanced WiFi Spy Camera featuring 2K Resolution. Enter a new era of discreet surveillance with our latest WiFi spy camera boasting a high-quality 2K resolution. This revolutionary device is set to redefine your expectations, offering unparalleled sophi..
Ex Tax:$217.27
Model: VIM-P02-1080P-16
Pen Spy Camera with HD QualityEmbark on a captivating journey into cutting-edge surveillance with our upgraded Pen Spy Camera. This discreet and versatile recording solution seamlessly merges state-of-the-art technology with an exquisite design. This multifunctional pen camera, thoughtfully engineer..
Ex Tax:$208.18
Lens Cover Spy Pen Camera Conversation Recorder  A spy pen camera offers compactness and effectiveness when it comes to evidence recorder cameras, but this product provides more than camouflage. The pen camera can produce high-quality video and audio footage. The portable design and easy-to-la..
Ex Tax:$117.27
Spy Pen Camera with Long-Lasting BatteryIn the world of discreet surveillance, our Spy Pen Camera with Long-Lasting Battery stands out as a beacon of innovation, seamlessly blending state-of-the-art spy camera technology with the unassuming design of a pen. This adaptable device, featuring a USB fla..
Ex Tax:$162.73
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