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Vimel provides top-quality digitalized technology in compact video cameras designed to meet the needs of car owners. These dash cameras are small yet robust and are placed on a vehicle's dashboard to serve as a valuable electronic accessory that captures the entire journey. Our experienced engineers meticulously craft these cameras, prioritizing durability to withstand even the roughest roads while maintaining video stability.

These versatile cameras can be easily mounted on the front or rear of a vehicle, enabling comprehensive recording of road accidents, vehicle speed, direction, and driver behaviour. This feature is particularly relevant for Australian drivers. Vimel's Dash Cameras have features, including Security Parking mode, G-sensor for impact detection, anti-vandal protection, LCD screens, 360-degree views, night vision capabilities, and suction mounts. With a hardwired kit, you can effortlessly transfer videos to your phone in stunning 2K or 4K resolution.

Their cutting-edge 4G technology with SIM card support sets our Dash Cameras apart. This feature ensures uninterrupted connectivity, allowing you to access and monitor your camera from anywhere remotely. Stay updated in real-time, receive alerts, and have peace of mind knowing that you can always keep an eye on your vehicle.

Investing in these compact cameras offers numerous advantages, especially for owners of larger vehicles like SUVs and trucks. They aid in accident prevention during reverse maneuvers, emitting audible alerts as sensors detect obstacles in crowded parking areas. Dash Camera recordings expedite insurance claims processes, offering solid evidence in the event of an accident and bolstering driver confidence with reliable accident records. Additionally, these cameras capture cherished memories of family trips, making them an indispensable companion on the road.

In conclusion, Vimel's Dash Cameras prioritize safety during drives and protect vehicles while parked, providing comprehensive interior and exterior coverage. Investing in a 4G Dash Camera with SIM card support today offers enhanced security, record-keeping, and real-time monitoring on the road and should not be compromised.

4G Dual Dash Camera Security Parking GuardThe dual dash cam is the newest in espionage surveillance technology, recording critical roadside incidents. The VIM-DASHC4GL allows you to put the two cameras in your car wherever you like. The back model is water-resistant and ideal for use outdoors.The du..
Ex Tax:$271.82
Dash Camera 4K Radar Sensor with Security Parking Mode 24/7 Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with our innovative Triple Channel 360 Dash Camera. It is an exceptional piece of engineering that will change how you think about safety and surveillance while driving. Experie..
Ex Tax:$217.27
4G Dual Dash Camera GPS Recorder - 24/7 Security Parking Mode Monitor remotely using 4G / WIFI Wireless Connection The Dual Dash Camera has a built-in WIFI module that supports a wireless network connection for monitoring and streaming videos LIVE. The camera also has a built-in SIM Card s..
Ex Tax:$271.82
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-LUXX9H
Triple WIFI Dash Camera 360 ULTRA WIDE VIMEL Dash camera Australia comes with a triple channel dash and dual IR night vision. It is probably the best buddy you want to adopt in your car since it comes with the 3 x cameras that will ensure you will get all directions coverage when an accident ha..
Ex Tax:$180.91
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-LUXX9
24/7 Security Parking Triple WIFI Dash Camera 360 ULTRA WIDE VIM-LUXX9 is a Triple Dash camera device with 24/7 working mode and a hardwired kit that offers such a versatile companion model. This dash camera can record and live view for Full HD 1080 p video recording quality. If you are on road..
Ex Tax:$200.00
VIMEL 24/7 GPS Vehicle Dash Camera with Security Parking Guard.The VIM-DASHC4GL4 dash camera is a cutting-edge device that is more than just a camera; it's a robust security system that ensures the protection of your vehicle anytime, anywhere.Thanks to its advanced features, you can monitor your car..
Ex Tax:$354.55
4G Vehicle Dual Dash Camera with 24/7 Security Parking GuardUpgrade your vehicle's security and surveillance with the revolutionary VIM-DASHC4GS2, a technologically advanced Dual Dash Camera with a 4G Network Connection. Experience a new level of automotive monitoring and redefine your perception of..
Ex Tax:$271.82
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-LUXX10
24/7 Dual Dash Camera for Vehicle Security Monitoring in ULTRA HD 4K Introducing the VIM-LUXX10 vehicle dash camera, your perfect companion for the ultimate road trip adventure. Prepare to embark on a journey filled with breathtaking moments, knowing that every second will be captured in stunning d..
Ex Tax:$180.91
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-DASHC4L2
VIMEL 4G SIM Card Dual Dash Camera with 24/7 Security Parking MonitoringYour vehicle's surveillance system can detect the VIM-high-tech DASHC4GL2. This system comprises sensors and an alarm to notify you if your car is broken into or hit. The car's position is flexible (stationary or moving).4G/3G S..
Ex Tax:$271.82
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-DASHC4L3
VIMEL 24/7 4G Dual Dash Camera GPS with Security Parking LIVE MonitoringIntroducing the VIM-DASHC4GL3 – the ultimate solution for your car's security needs. This sophisticated and advanced dash camera is designed to protect your car at all times, providing surveillance and complete control over your..
Ex Tax:$445.45
4G LIVE VIEW Wireless Security Parking Dual Dash CameraDiscover the Professional Dual Dash Camera with 4G Network Connection – a game-changing innovation revolutionising vehicle security and surveillance. This extraordinary device is packed with impressive features that will leave you amazed.Stay Co..
Ex Tax:$271.82
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-LUXX8
Vimel Dual Dash Camera with WIFI GPS Connection and 4K ULTRA HD VideoThe VIM-LUXX8 is a deluxe model that holds all the features that you need for your road trips with evidence proof to gather footage and even provide surveillance for your vehicle from intrusion. Dash cameras can help to captur..
Ex Tax:$168.18
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