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Alarm Home Security Systems

How 4G 3G  alarm works ?

Many people are wondering how 4G 3G alarm works, and may have doubts on the functions. 4G 3G alarm system built-in GSM communication module inside, work as a mobile handset. After purchased the 4G 3G alarm system, people need to purchase the SIM card, and select the mobile service package. 4G 3G alarm system can program several phone numbers for alarm receiving. When any abnormal event happens, the system will response, then inform the owner via voice call and short message (SMS).

How to know my 4G 3G alarm is working ?

It's easy to test the 4G 3G alarm is working or not. The easy thing is to test the alarm system after correct programming, and trigger the alarm, people will get auto dialing call or short message (SMS). Advanced 4G 3G alarm system with LCD to display 4G 3G signal. The other option is try to call the GSM alarm system using mobile phone or telephone. If you received the response of phone is power off or out of service, that means the 4G 3G alarm is not working.

4G 3G alarm system are not reliable with  high false alarm rate?

It's not true that 4G 3G alarm with more false alarm than other type of alarm system. If you ask any technical people about the false alarm, the answer is false alarm can not terminated, but can be reduced. In order to reduce the false alarm, people need to try to use high quality detectors. The false alarm are not related to the control panel. Try to use more window/door magnetic contact switches, few PIR Motion detector can reduce the false alarm. When house with pets, try to use the true pet-immune PIR Motion detector. What's the true pet-immune PIR motion detector. Mostly of pet-immune PIR motion detectors with dual tech or tri tech design to reduce the false alarm and support pet-immune functions.

Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-ALARM16
  Security in your household is extremely vital to consider when owning a large household that can be potentially robbed, which is why you use this VIMEL ALARM System that has everything you need to detect any potential intrusion. Your property can safe thanks to this Alarm system it detect..
Ex Tax:$180.91
  3G Wildlife Wireless Hunting Trail Camera Vimel wildlife camera comes with remote access 3G trail camera, which one of the world’s fastest cameras with trigger time is 0.4 seconds digital scouting camera that can be captured by any movement of game in location and detected by a ..
Ex Tax:$290.00
4G Trail Solar Security Camera Ordinary trail camera needs to visit the camera to pull the external card physically and view the pictures. But, it’s not safe at all the time to do this action. For avoiding those risks the cellular trail camera is utilized. The trail camera images are sent th..
Ex Tax:$362.73
Brand: VIMEL Model: 4GCLOUD
4G Construction Camera with Cloud Support   This camera is not is just any ordinary outdoor camera out on the market, it uses both 4G and 3G you won’t have to worry over WIFI connection as 3G is there to support you where ever you live even if it is a rural area, using GPS you c..
Ex Tax:$1,271.81
Brand: VIMEL Model: 4GCAM-220
Ultimate Solution for Home Security - 4G camera  PTZ Optical Zoom 18X  with Solar Panel..
Ex Tax:$1,631.82
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-4G80
4G Outdoor Solar Powered 3G WIFI PTZ Security Camera Our VIMEL 4G cameras specializes in outdoor security, functioning perfectly outdoors with professional surveillance features to keep you notified and alerted in any situation. The quality it provides for you outstands majority of security..
Ex Tax:$1,262.73
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-4GIND
  Are you having trouble finding a suitable security camera for your household, well don’t forget that this security camera has everything you need to protect your household from intrusion and theft. It is a wireless device that enables you to connect to it Wirelessly thanks to the SIM Card..
Ex Tax:$262.73
2 in 1  -   3G GSM + WIFI Camera   This is a simple camera, a simple camera that can get the job done in the simplest way. What makes this security camera so special is the part where it can protect your house, it is completely wireless meaning that you won’t have to be manual..
Ex Tax:$171.82
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-4G35
4G Versatile-Multifunctional Security WIFI Camera for Vehicles and Homes Surveillance is an important factor that everyone especially you should consider it, it may be a house or a large scaled properly including a farm that needs security over it 24/7. You’re in luck with this camera as it ..
Ex Tax:$322.73
4G Versatile-Multifunctional Security WIFI Camera for Vehicles and Homes The VIM-4GTRUCK is a security camera that is multifunctional and perfect for your home, you won’t need to purchase a complicated surveillance system for your property with mounted. Any property you own such as urban hou..
Ex Tax:$268.18
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-4G32
4G WIFI Outdoor 5Mpx Home Security Camera 2K ULTRA HD Outdoor surveillance is an important factor to take care, in fact it takes care of your property wherever you may be it outdoor surveillance devices are ultimate security protection over homes, especially over your home. Unlike majority o..
Ex Tax:$359.09
IP Cloud Solar Security Camera - Long Standby Time  Security cameras are outdoor accessories you need to keep your home monitored and safe from any sorts of problems including intrusion and vandalism. This model is ready to capture and alert you over any problems your property faces. Stay..
Ex Tax:$180.91
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