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4G Home Alarm System

Many wonder how a 4G alarm system operates and may doubt its functions. A 4G alarm system contains an inbuilt 4G LTE communication module that works like a mobile handset. Once you purchase the system, you must buy a SIM card and choose a mobile service package. You can program several phone numbers that will receive alarms. The system will notify the owner via voice call and SMS when an abnormal event occurs.

You can quickly test whether your 4G alarm system is functioning correctly. After programming and triggering it, you can try the system and receive an auto-dialling call or SMS. Advanced 4G alarm systems have an LCD that displays the 4G signal. You can also try calling the system via mobile phone or telephone. If you receive a message that the phone is powered off or out of service, the 4G alarm system is not working correctly.

It's a common misconception that 4G alarms have a higher false alarm rate than other alarm systems. False alarms cannot be terminated, but they can be reduced. To reduce false alarms, you need to use high-quality detectors. The control panel is not related to false alarms. You can reduce false alarms using more window/door magnetic contact switches and fewer PIR motion detectors. Proper pet-immune PIR motion detectors can reduce false alarms when you have pets. Most pet-immune PIR motion detectors have a dual-tech or tri-tech design to reduce false alarms and support pet-immune functions.

Wireless Vimel 4G Alarm Home Security System Central Hub - Wireless Network ConnectionHave multiple security cameras been employed in your home security system? You need a 4G + WIFI HOME ALARM SYSTEM hub that also supports a WiFi connection. This hub works as the main until it alerts with notificat..
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Wireless 4G Vimel Alarm Home Security System - Smoke DetectorCentral Hub - Wireless Network ConnectionVimel central hub is a 4G + WIFI HOME ALARM SYSTEM that works for all security sensors employed throughout the house. The hub uses a WiFi router to enable sensors to communicate with each other. The..
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Wireless 4G Vimel Alarm Home Security System - Security CameraCentral Hub - Wireless Network ConnectionThis is another central hub of home security systems manufactured by Vimel that allows you to manage security sensors in your home. It uses your home WiFi network to allow multiple sensors to comm..
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VIMEL WIFI Security Camera System - Human DetectionThe brand new product from VIMEL is a Complete wireless Security Camera system that supports remote operation using the wireless network. It's not one, two, but four cameras work together, capturing footage of any intrusion or vision of your home. Y..
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VIMEL - Smart Alarm Home System Human DetectionRemote Access to the Alarms via WIFI ConnectionThis VIMEL smart alarm system operates using a WIFI connection from home. The central hub acts as the mainframe for alerting you and the house using a 100db siren that plays out loud once any sensors have b..
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Alarm System Wireless Window and Door SensorVIM-WDSENSOR is an alarm system that is mounted on a window or door as a sensor. The device must be placed horizontally. It is a great alarm extension that can empower the overall security system for your home or other property. The sensor device will curb..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-PIRS
WIFI PIR Sensor Alarm System for HomeIt is another great extension of the VIM-4G ALARM system. It is what meticulous users will need to use. It grants your ample home security, leaving no entry points for anyone. You can add the sensor to any part of your home, including balconies, terraces, gardens..
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IP Alarm System Smoke DetectorVIM-SMOKETIP is a smoke detector that comes with a robust alarm system. It is indeed an excellent addition that will maximize the features of the existing security system. This device can detect smoke in all types and trigger the alarm with the help of the central syste..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-SECC
VIM-SECC IP Alarm System CameraVIM-SECC IP Alarm System Camera can be an excellent option for those who need a security camera with an alarm system. The security camera can be a tricky business since you must pay attention to your property's interior and exterior. If you have more dynamicity on your..
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