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4G GPS tracker Vimel OBD2 Live Tracking Australia

4G GPS tracker Vimel OBD2 Live Tracking Australia
4G GPS tracker Vimel OBD2 Live Tracking Australia
4G GPS tracker Vimel OBD2 Live Tracking Australia
4G GPS tracker Vimel OBD2 Live Tracking Australia
4G GPS tracker Vimel OBD2 Live Tracking Australia
4G GPS tracker Vimel OBD2 Live Tracking Australia
4G GPS tracker Vimel OBD2 Live Tracking Australia
4G GPS tracker Vimel OBD2 Live Tracking Australia
4G GPS tracker Vimel OBD2 Live Tracking Australia
4G GPS tracker Vimel OBD2 Live Tracking Australia
4G GPS tracker Vimel OBD2 Live Tracking Australia
4G GPS tracker Vimel OBD2 Live Tracking Australia
4G GPS tracker Vimel OBD2 Live Tracking Australia

Remote Live 4G GPS Tracker For Vehicles

Our latest innovation is the Remote 4G Portable GPS Tracker for Vehicles, an advanced solution for tracking vehicles. Whether you need a GPS tracker for your personal car or for managing a fleet, our device is the ideal choice, offering unbeatable accuracy and dependability. The device is fully compatible with the 4G GPS car tracker in Australia, providing complete 4G GPS support and enabling you to monitor your vehicles in real time, thereby ensuring maximum security and optimal efficiency.

Our GPS tracker is an excellent choice for car enthusiasts and businesses who want to avoid monthly fees, thanks to our free subscription model. With our GPS tracking device, monitoring your vehicles becomes effortless, making it ideal for fleet management and vehicle GPS tracking.

Our 4G GPS tracking device for cars comes with a SIM card for complete cellular network support, enabling seamless connectivity. Whether you need a mini GPS tracker for personal use or a robust solution for GPS fleet tracking, our device offers unparalleled performance. Stay connected on the go with our GPS phone tracker, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Our car GPS tracker is easy to install, thanks to its plug-and-play functionality, ensuring immediate deployment and minimal downtime.

We offer a comprehensive suite of features that provide peace of mind, such as the vibration/motion detection alarm and geo-fence alert function that notify you of unauthorised movements or boundary breaches. Monitor your vehicle's temperature with our high-temperature alarm, which ensures optimal operating conditions at all times. Additionally, our power-cut and low-battery backup alarms provide added security and reliability, ensuring continuous operation even in adverse conditions.

Our 4G real-time GPS tracker delivers instant updates and precise location data, making it the perfect choice for various applications, from personal vehicles to commercial fleets. Whether you need a small GPS tracker for discrete monitoring or a robust solution for comprehensive vehicle GPS tracking, our device supports multiple devices and is suitable for various applications.

Invest in our 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles today and experience unparalleled security, efficiency, and peace of mind. With the ultimate in vehicle tracking technology at your fingertips, you can empower yourself and ensure the safety of your vehicles.

Full 4G Mobile Cellular Network Support - SIM Card

Our Tractive GPS tracker comes with complete support for both 4G and 3G cellular networks through a SIM card, guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity and dependable data transmission. No matter where you are or the extent of your network coverage, you can stay in touch and stay up-to-date.

Free Subscription - NO Fees Required

When you buy our Vehicle GPS tracker, you can have peace of mind without worrying about subscription fees. We offer a complimentary subscription to our tracking service, which means you don't have to make recurring payments for the car tracker GPS tracking.

Free Application on iPhone/Android - Free Website Access via PC

Our free application is available for iPhone and Android devices, providing you with convenient access to tracking information. Additionally, our website offers comprehensive tracking capabilities that can be accessed from any device, including PCs. Enjoy the benefits of both options for free.

Receive Alarm Notifications on the Mobile Phone

Receive real-time alarm notifications directly to your mobile device and stay up-to-date and prepared at all times. The tracker is designed to detect any unauthorised movements or low battery levels and will keep you informed of any potential risks or anomalies as they arise.

OBD2 Direct Connection - Plug and Play

Our OBD2 direct connection feature allows for an installation process that is free of hassle. You can experience seamless integration and immediate functionality by simply plugging the tracker into the OBD2 port of your vehicle. You will only need a simple setup to get started.

Sleep Function

You can enhance the performance of the GPS tracker SIM Card that operates in real-time 4G network by utilising our sleep function, which helps optimise power usage and extend battery life. The tracker is designed to enter a low-power mode when not in use, which helps conserve energy while ensuring uninterrupted tracking capabilities.

Geo-Fence Alert Function

Our geo-fence alert function allows you to create personalised virtual boundaries and receive instant notifications. These customisable geographical zones can help you keep track of your vehicle's movements and ensure compliance with regulations. Receive alerts when your vehicle enters or exits these predefined areas, improving security and giving you peace of mind.

Vibration/Motion Detection Alarm

Our vibration and motion detection alarm can help you identify any suspicious activities. You will receive instant alerts whenever the tracker detects vibrations or sudden movements. This will allow you to take immediate action to protect your vehicle from theft or tampering.

High-Temperature Alarm

Our high-temperature alarm helps safeguard your vehicle from getting too hot. Whenever the tracker detects temperatures that are higher than normal, you'll receive alerts so that you can take necessary precautions and steer clear of any potential mechanical problems.

Power-Cut Alarm

It is important to remain watchful for any signs of tampering or sabotage with our power-cut alarm. You will be notified on the tracker in case of an abrupt power outage, which will help in ensuring the safety and protection of your vehicle's tracking system.

Low Battery Back-up Alarm

Our low-battery backup alarm ensures that you are always prepared for a drained battery. You will receive timely alerts when the tracker's battery levels are low, prompting you to recharge or replace the battery as needed, thus maintaining continuous tracking functionality.

Multiple devices support

Effortlessly expand your tracking capabilities with the ability to support multiple devices. Regardless of whether you're responsible for managing a fleet of vehicles or tracking personal assets, our 4G GPS Tracker Mini ensures seamless integration and management across multiple devices, providing you with complete oversight and control.

Product Features:

  • Full 4G Support and 3G are backwards compatible.
  • 4G OBD2 Gps tracker
  • Free Subscription - no fees
  • Free APP on iPhone/Android – Track on your phone
  • Free Website Tracking – track on your PC/MAC
  • OBD II connector easy to install (Plug and Play)
  • Backup Battery: 130mAh
  • Input Voltage: 12-24V
  • Vibration Alerts on Movement by SMS
  • Location by SMS
  • High-temperature alarm
  • Remove and disconnect alarm.
  • Backup battery low-power alarm
  • Car battery low power alarm
  • Location by Google Hyperlink
  • Internet Website Account Tracking 
  • GSM / GPRS Communication
  • Motion Sensor with Alert
  • Multiple trackers monitoring under one account
  • Motion Detection Alert
  • Work on iOS (iPhone and etc) and Android Devices, PC/MAC(web interface)
  • Continuous Alert
  • Sleep function

Specifications :

  • Antenna: Internal
  • Position Accuracy: 10m ( depends on location)
  • A-GPS: AssistNow Online and AssistNow Offline services,
  • 4G LTE: 800/850/900/1800/2100/2600MHz@FDD
  • 3G WCDMA : 850/900/2100MHzMhz
  • Quad band; 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • GPRS Class 12
  • Antennae: Internal
  • Micro-size SIM card
  • Power: Rechargeable Backup, 130mAh, Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Power consumption: 30mA standby current
  • Built-in Vibration/motion sensing
  • Dimension: 50(L)*50(W)*25(H)mm
  • Storage Temp: -40 to 75°C
  • Operating Temp: -10 to 65°C

Included in Package:

  • 1 x 4G Tracker OBD2 OBD II
  • 1 x Manual for Users



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