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Covert Voice Recorder Activation Mini Descreet Best Australia

Covert  Voice Recorder Activation Mini Descreet Best Australia
Covert  Voice Recorder Activation Mini Descreet Best Australia
Covert  Voice Recorder Activation Mini Descreet Best Australia
Covert  Voice Recorder Activation Mini Descreet Best Australia
Covert  Voice Recorder Activation Mini Descreet Best Australia
Covert  Voice Recorder Activation Mini Descreet Best Australia
Covert  Voice Recorder Activation Mini Descreet Best Australia
Covert  Voice Recorder Activation Mini Descreet Best Australia
Covert  Voice Recorder Activation Mini Descreet Best Australia
Covert  Voice Recorder Activation Mini Descreet Best Australia
Covert Voice Recorder Activation Mini Descreet Best Australia

Mini 240 Hour Battery Life Spy Voice Recorder

Looking for an effective spy voice recorder device that offers discretion and high performance? If so, our mini spy voice recorder could be the perfect solution for you. It is designed with advanced technology in an ultra-compact size and is a top choice for its impressive capabilities and user-friendly features. Whether you're after a micro or small spy voice recorder, our device stands out in the market for its exceptional battery life, which allows you to record for extended periods without interruption. 

It is an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable spy voice recorder for conducting surveillance operations or capturing important conversations. Our spy digital voice recorder features cutting-edge voice activation technology that automatically starts recording upon detecting sound, saving battery power and storage space. This spy voice activated recorder is perfect for discreet operations where manual control is not practical or risky. 

It delivers outstanding audio quality despite its compact size, thanks to its sensitive microphone and intelligent noise reduction features. Our spy hidden recorder is engineered for stability and consistent performance, offering reliable operation when you need it most. Whether you're a student, journalist, private investigator, or simply someone who values discreet recording, our device is an indispensable tool for your toolkit. 

Our spy voice recorder is a versatile and high-quality device that lets you capture audio recordings discreetly and conveniently. With the USB 2.0 interface, you can transfer your recorded files to a computer or other device with ease, ensuring quick access to your valuable data. The comprehensive software that comes bundled with our spy voice recorder provides additional functionalities that enable you to manage and organise your recordings efficiently.

Whether you're using it for personal or professional purposes, our mini spy voice recorder is the perfect solution for anyone in need of a powerful yet portable recording device. Its wide frequency band and low power consumption make it a top-of-the-line product that sets a new standard in covert audio recording technology, ensuring exceptional performance in every situation.

Don't hesitate to buy our spy voice recorder today and experience the convenience of having a discreet, high-quality recording device that is perfect for all your audio capturing needs.

Ultra-Small Design

Our Spy Voice Recorder with 240 Hours of Battery Life features an ultra-small design, ideal for covert recording in any setting. This device is incredibly lightweight and compact, making it easy to conceal and use without drawing attention.

Scheduled Recordings

Our Spy Voice Recorder is equipped with advanced scheduled recording capabilities, allowing you to set specific times for automatic recording. This feature makes it easier to capture important moments without having to manually start the recording. For busy individuals looking for a recording device that streamlines their recording tasks, this feature is a great option.

Voice Activation System (VAS)

Our Micro Spy Voice Recorder features a sophisticated voice activation system (VAS) that automatically starts recording when it detects sound. This helps conserve battery life and storage space, making it the perfect choice for hands-free operation. If you are looking for a spy voice recorder that can automatically start recording when it detects sound, this is the device for you.

High-Quality Audio Recording

Our mini voice recorder is perfect for capturing crystal-clear audio. Its exceptional audio performance makes it the top choice for anyone looking for a small and discreet recording device. You can rely on this spy voice recorder to accurately capture every detail, ensuring that you don't miss a thing.

Long Recording Duration

Our spy digital voice recorder is designed to provide you with an extended recording duration. With the longest battery life available in the market, you can record continuously for up to 240 hours. This makes our device a great option for long-term surveillance or recording purposes.

High-Sensitivity Microphone

Our mini voice recorder has a built-in high-sensitivity microphone that ensures optimal sound pickup. This feature allows our smallest voice recorder to capture audio from a distance with precision and clarity. Even in noisy environments, you can rely on this spy voice recorder to deliver exceptional audio performance.

Intelligent Noise Reduction

Our spy voice recorder comes with intelligent noise reduction technology that filters out unwanted background noise. This feature ensures that you get clear recordings even in challenging environments. With this intelligent feature, you can be confident that every recording you make is of exceptional quality.

Wide Frequency Band

Our mini spy voice recorder covers a wide frequency band, capturing a broad range of audio frequencies. This feature ensures that you get detailed and comprehensive recordings. Whether you are using this device for surveillance or recording purposes, you can be confident that you are getting accurate and reliable results.

Low Power Consumption

Our spy voice-activated recorder is designed with efficiency in mind, making it an ideal choice for extended use in various scenarios. With minimal power consumption, this device maximizes battery life, ensuring that you can use it for longer periods without worrying about running out of power.

Discreet Operation

The discreet design of our voice recorder device allows for covert operation, making it perfect for undercover recording or discreetly gathering information. You can use it in any situation without worrying about being detected, ensuring that you gather the information you need without raising any suspicion.

Stable Performance

Our spy voice recorder device offers reliable and stable performance, ensuring consistent recording quality in any situation. You can use it with confidence, knowing that you'll get excellent results every time. Whether you're recording an important meeting or capturing critical information, you can trust this device to deliver excellent results.

Memory Efficiency

Efficient memory management is essential for storing a large volume of recordings without running out of space. Our recording device is designed with optimised memory management, allowing you to store a vast amount of audio files without worrying about running out of storage space.

Playback Function

The built-in playback function on our recording device allows you to easily review your recordings, providing quick access to the recorded audio for playback or analysis. With this feature, you can easily play back and listen to your recordings whenever you need to.

USB 2.0 Interface

Our recording device comes with a USB 2.0 interface that facilitates fast and easy file uploads to your computer or other devices. With this feature, you can transfer files swiftly and efficiently, saving you time and effort. The USB 2.0 interface ensures that you can quickly and easily upload your files to your computer or other devices without any hassle.

Comprehensive Software

Included with the device is comprehensive software that enhances your recording experience by providing additional features and customization options. Whether you're in need of a micro spy voice recorder, mini voice recorder spy, or any other type of small spy voice recorder, the Mini 240 Hour Battery Life Spy Voice Recorder is a versatile and reliable solution that stands out. Purchase a spy voice recorder today and discover the convenience of discreet, high-quality recording for your personal or professional needs. This voice recording device is ideal for students, professionals, investigators, or anyone seeking a powerful yet compact solution.


  • Ultra-small size and weight;
  • Scheduled Recording
  • LED Screen, no any indication when records
  • Timer Function
  • High sensitivity microphone with low noise level (operating distance - up to 10 meters);
  • Voice Activation Recording
  • Extremely Low power consumption: tiny device is able to operate in record mode for 1 day;
  • LED screens indicate recorder's operating modes and settings;
  • High-speed USB 2.0 (up to 7 Mb/s)
  • Playback function with earphones





  • Dimensions: 56x23x7 mm.
  • Weight: 15 grams (!)
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Recording duration: 300 hours (HQ)
  • Built-in microphone's operating distance: 10 meters
  • Intelligent noise reduction
  • Audio Recording quality: 192kb/s
  • Frequency band: 100 - 10000 Hz
  • Recording mode: mono
  • Battery life in record mode: up to 24 hours;
  • Battery life in record mode with VAS (voice activation mode): up to 40 hours;
  • In standby mode: up to 2 months
  • Power supply: rechargeable battery
  • PC interface: USB 2.0 (up to 7 Mb/s)
What's in the box:
  • Voice recorder
  • Earphones
  • USB Adapter
  • Manual


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