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Wireless Spy IP Camera WIFI Full HD 1080P P2P

Wireless Spy IP Camera WIFI Full HD 1080P P2P
Wireless Spy IP Camera WIFI Full HD 1080P P2P
Wireless Spy IP Camera WIFI Full HD 1080P P2P
Wireless Spy IP Camera WIFI Full HD 1080P P2P
Wireless Spy IP Camera WIFI Full HD 1080P P2P
Wireless Spy IP Camera WIFI Full HD 1080P P2P
Wireless Spy IP Camera WIFI Full HD 1080P P2P
Wireless Spy IP Camera WIFI Full HD 1080P P2P
Wireless Spy IP Camera WIFI Full HD 1080P P2P
Wireless Spy IP Camera WIFI Full HD 1080P P2P
Wireless Spy IP Camera WIFI Full HD 1080P P2P

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Wireless WiFi Spy Camera Digital Clock

In an age where security takes precedence, the Wireless WiFi Spy Camera Digital Clock emerges as a discreet yet formidable solution, seamlessly blending contemporary technology with a covert design. This mini spy camera, ingeniously nestled within the facade of a functional digital clock, redefines surveillance, providing an inconspicuous yet sophisticated solution for fortifying your home or office space.

Remote Live View Anytime, Anywhere:

At the heart of this advanced surveillance solution lies the ability to provide real-time remote monitoring on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone from any corner of the globe. The Wireless WiFi Spy Camera Digital Clock ensures you stay effortlessly connected to your space, offering peace of mind with just a few taps on your mobile device.

Motion Detection Alert System:

The intelligence embedded within this covert camera reaches new heights with its sophisticated motion detection capabilities. No longer reliant on passive monitoring, this device sends instant alerts to your mobile phone upon detecting motion. This proactive feature empowers you to respond promptly to any unexpected activity, reinforcing the security of your environment.

Wireless SPY Camera  Nanny Cam Anti Theft  Best Buy Australia

Seamless App Integration:

Simplicity becomes a cornerstone of the Wireless WiFi Security Camera Digital Clock. The device boasts compatibility with both Android and iOS devices, making the setup process a breeze. The free downloadable app ensures a user-friendly interface, allowing you to navigate settings, customise preferences, and access live feeds effortlessly.

WiFi IP P2P Connection:

Bid farewell to intricate setups and tangled wires. This surveillance marvel establishes a seamless WiFi connection, facilitating secure and efficient data transmission. The P2P connection ensures a reliable link between the device and your mobile device, guaranteeing uninterrupted surveillance.

Continuous Recording on SD Cards:

Capture every nuance of your surroundings with the option for continuous recording on micro SD cards. The Wireless WiFi Spy Camera Digital Clock ensures no detail escapes its lens, providing a comprehensive recording solution for your evolving security needs.

Night Vision Excellence:

Darkness ceases to be an obstacle with this surveillance camera's outstanding night vision effect. Twelve invisible black pearl night vision lights illuminate your surroundings, delivering clarity and precision even in low-light conditions. This feature transforms your surveillance into an unyielding 24/7 vigil.

Wireless Freedom with Remote Control:

Traditional surveillance methods often come with limitations. Not so with the Wireless Hidden Spy Camera Digital Clock. With its discreet hidden camera and wireless operation, this device liberates you from physical constraints, offering unparalleled flexibility in monitoring your space.

Record While Charging:

It is essential to maintain constant surveillance, just as life never ceases. The ability to record while charging ensures that no moment slips through the cracks. This feature guarantees uninterrupted surveillance, providing constant security for your peace of mind.

Multi-Functional Device:

Experience the versatility of a surveillance powerhouse. The Wireless WiFi Surveillance Camera Digital Clock goes beyond video recording, offering sound recording, motion detection, one-key booting, night vision, and more – all encapsulated in a compact and inconspicuous design.

Investing in Peace of Mind:

In conclusion, the Wireless WiFi Spy Camera Digital Clock stands as a testament to surveillance technology innovation. Elevate your security measures with this hidden spy camera, designed to integrate seamlessly into your environment while delivering unparalleled performance.

The Future of Surveillance Technology:

Embrace the future of surveillance technology with the Wireless WiFi Spy Camera Digital Clock. Its unassuming design conceals a sophisticated system that empowers you to take control of your security. Invest in the peace of mind that cutting-edge innovation offers by protecting your space with a thousand eyes in the palm of your hand.

Spy Camera for Home:

The Wireless WiFi Spy Camera Digital Clock is the perfect addition to your home security arsenal. Whether you're concerned about your family's safety or want to watch your property while away, this mini spy camera offers a discreet yet effective solution.

Nanny Cam for Child Safety:

This hidden spy camera is an ideal nanny cam for parents seeking an extra layer of reassurance. Monitor your child's activities and ensure their safety with the convenience of remote live viewing and motion detection alerts.

Business Security:

Have you ever thought about being able to monitor your personal space with the precision of a thousand eyes, all from the convenience of your handheld device? Investing in this state-of-the-art innovation assures you of the peace of mind of having a constantly safeguarded space.

Rest easy knowing that our advanced features, such as motion detection, night vision, and instant alerts, will always notify you in real-time of any suspicious activity in your space. Upgrade your security measures today and take control of your safety with this cutting-edge technology.

Retail Surveillance:

As a retailer, you understand the importance of keeping your store secure and monitoring employee activities to ensure high productivity levels and customer service. A mini WiFi camera can help you discreetly achieve these goals. With continuous recording and motion detection capabilities, this camera allows you to keep a watchful eye on your store.

Review footage to identify potential security threats and take necessary steps to prevent theft or other criminal activities. Additionally, use the footage to evaluate employee performance and identify areas for improvement. This mini WiFi camera effectively enhances your loss prevention measures and promotes a safe and productive work environment.

Covert Operations:

Law enforcement and private investigators can leverage the Wireless WiFi Spy Camera Digital Clock for covert operations. Its hidden design and remote viewing capabilities make it valuable for discreetly gathering crucial information.

Vacation Home Monitoring:

Ensuring the security of a vacation home can be challenging. With this spy camera, you remotely monitor your property, receive alerts on suspicious activities, and enjoy peace of mind, even when miles away.

The Art of Covert Surveillance:

Beyond its technical capabilities, the Wireless WiFi Spy Camera Digital Clock excels in covert surveillance. The inconspicuous design seamlessly blends into any environment, making it virtually undetectable. This blend of functionality and discretion makes it an ideal choice for those seeking to monitor their surroundings discreetly.

Addressing Privacy Concerns:

As with any surveillance technology, addressing privacy concerns is crucial. The Wireless WiFi Spy Camera Digital Clock operates within the legal boundaries of surveillance practices. Using this device responsibly and complying with applicable laws and regulations is essential.

A Thousand Eyes in Your Palm:

The Wireless WiFi Spy Camera Digital Clock transcends the conventional boundaries of surveillance technology. Its discreet design, coupled with a myriad of cutting-edge features, positions it as a frontrunner in covert monitoring.

Investing in peace of mind is a wise decision. Ensure your mental well-being by taking the necessary steps to reduce stress and anxiety. Embrace the future of surveillance technology with the Wireless WiFi Spy Camera Digital Clock.

Whether safeguarding your home, monitoring your business, or engaging in covert operations, this mini WiFi camera is a testament to innovation, versatility, and the unyielding pursuit of security in an ever-evolving world. Enhance security with the convenience of a thousand eyes at your disposal.



  • Watch Live Remotely Real Tiem Video on your phone.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android
  • Records on micro SD cards
  • Motion detection alerts
  • Invisible for eyes night vision - black flash


  • Video Resolution 1920*1080
  • 160°Wide View Angle
  • Motion detection Alarm to your phone anytime and anywhere
  • Can  record while charging with included DC power adapter



  • Video Resolution: 1920x1080P
  • View angle:160°
  • Photo: 4032x3024 JPG 
  • Video Storage: micro SD card support up to 32GB ( not included)
  • Compatible System: Windows 7/8/10;Mac os 10.4;Linux;
  • Interface: Mini 4 Pin USB
  • Built-in Mic
  • Colour: Black
Whats in the box:
  • Camera
  • USB cable
  • Power adapter
  • Manual



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