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Brand: VIMEL Model: PV-PC10FHD
LawMate Spy TV Remote Hidden Camera with PIR SensorLawMate TV Remote Hidden Home Camera Recorder - PIR SENSORAt first, it just looked like a TV remote controller. But when you meticulously look at it, it is not an RC. The device comes with a hidden camera lens which can take pictures and videos as s..
Ex Tax:$317.27
Brand: VIMEL Model: PV-CG20
LawMate Vehicle USB Charger Spy Camera with Night VisionThe USB car charger charges this hidden camera with infrared night vision. It is designed to record the situations inside your vehicle.The good thing about this cam is that it is concealed so that no one would know if you recorded the video ins..
Ex Tax:$268.18
Brand: VIMEL Model: PV-WB10i
LawMate Spy WIFI Booster Hidden CameraThis LawMate WIFI Booster is designed to root the DVR camera, monitoring, surveillance, and spying capabilities. With this booster, you can easily see the videos in real-time and record them.Anything that takes place in your home, you can secure the evidence in ..
Ex Tax:$353.64
Brand: VIMEL Model: PV-PH10W
LawMate WIFI Hidden Smart Phone Spy CameraThe phone holder hidden camera from LawMate is not anything like the conventional spy cams that you usually find on the market.The device disguises itself as a phone holder that you can mount over the car's dashboard. It is a sophisticated spy cam that is no..
Ex Tax:$326.36
Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-CAMLENS1080P
  This stylish and comfortable polarized Lenses for Sunglasses. The polarized lens with UV400 resistance allows you to see clearly under any situation Description: Color Lenses Packaging: 5x colour Lens..
Ex Tax:$9.09
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-HD50
WIFI Spy ULTRA HD 4K Camera LIVE VIEW Recorder When it comes to spying camera tools, it’s not only supposed to be hidden, but it must also record high-quality footage. Another camera from Vimel allows you to capture footage in your home, office, or public spaces in Australia. It comes with a por..
Ex Tax:$153.64
24/7 WIFI Wall Power Adapter Camera  Remotely Connect using WIFI Connection The 24/7 operation capability is just the beginning of what this device offers. This wall power adapter is a professional recorder for your home that connects wirelessly to your mobile phone using the home WIFI..
Ex Tax:$180.91
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-WIFIP8
Smartphone Wireless Powerbank Spy Camera 10000MAHThe power bank spy camera may be used as a portable recorder to capture various types of evidence in multiple situations. Not only is it hidden, but it also acts as a 10,000mAH power bank, making it a one-of-a-kind accessory. With the huge battery cap..
Ex Tax:$199.09
HIDDEN SPY WATCH CAMERA IR NIGHT VISIONThe spy camera has come into a need when you need to record video footage or image without other people knowing it. Among all other forms of spy camera, the spy watch camera is certainly one of the most popular ones. It's an effective and efficient gadget for s..
Ex Tax:$162.73
Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-SDCV-32C10
Master SD SDHC Memory Card - 32GB Class 10 Full HD support , 20MB/s Data Transfer The 32GB SDHC memory card is the perfect card to use with your camera and tablet devices. It provides ultra-fast speeds (20 MB/sec) for photo, video and your applications to enhance performance.   Desc..
Ex Tax:$17.96
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-LIGHTER1080P
  Hidden Camera Lighter with Full HD Video Recording 1920x1080P.   Lighter spy mini cam is easy to use and best used for ensuring security. They are very different from the usual spying cameras. It has a look similar to a cigarette lighter. And the best thing about it is t..
Ex Tax:$99.09
Hidden Professional Spy PIR Sensor Camera Vimel finally comes with its MINIPIRCAM, which is the smallest security spy camera available in the market. With a super compact and portable design, it can be placed in any spot in your home while remaining hidden. It can stick well on any iron surface ..
Ex Tax:$135.45
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