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4GB Home Security Camera with Remote Control   This product is a high-resolution remote video surveillance, with an external TF card.As a multifunctional high-tech product ,which is available multiple functions,such as video,sound recording,induction video, take a photo, cyber chat,elec..
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Spy Calculator Camera Hidden covert recorder Spy Calculator Camera Hidden covert recorder
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Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-CALCAM720P
Spy Hidden Calculator camera Calculators doing only mathematical operations have now advanced to recording videos and taking pictures. Children sometimes get into the wrong company in schools; such a calculator can take a look at all their actions, and so the parents know where they are going wr..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-CAM161
  Miniature Pinhole Spy Camera Our homes are the most important spaces for us, and we like to feel safe in them at all times. However, there may be a fear of intruders in the house when nobody is present. Hidden cameras are a great way to ease your mind and secure your home. A motion-ac..
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Vimel Clock Home Security Camera with night vision and 2 Ways Audio - the MOST hidden camera   Many small business owners out there are using a spy camera to protect their employee and stocks. Some cases have come forward when both parents are working, and they leave their children trus..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-CAM160
The safety of our loved ones is very important for all of us. Whether in a vehicle, a camper, in our business quarters or at home, we all want to be at ease and not worry about our safety. This advanced spy camera with full HD and 1080p motion activation feature will greatly impact your sense of saf..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-52HD
Motion activated Spy Cam Technology has brought about a great change in our lives. It has helped us in many ways in the way we conduct business to our everyday tasks and chores. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it has brought about a revolution in our world. The security sector has als..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-23HD
This is an advanced spy camera designed to improve the security system of your household or office. It comes with a 5-volt adapter and a 2400mAh battery. Additionally, it has a mini USB output with a 5 volt, 600mAh DC adapter. Fully charged, this spy camera can record up to 10 hours of clear footage..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-51HD
  HD Voice Activated SpyCam This spy camera is the latest and one of the most discreet spy cameras available for sale and can be used to watch over your premise safely. Whether it is your residence in Melbourne, Perth, Or a business space in Brisbane or Sydney, get a professional hidden..
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Hidden Coffee Cup Spy Cam The Coffee Cup Camera is a unique spy camera to capture a video of your surrounding area. Developed by Vimel, this amazing cam is used to record your surrounding with utmost secrecy and is bringing about a revolution in the spy camera and security industry. The camera i..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: TABLECAM1080P
  Spy Clock Camera WIFI IP Hidden Recorder   It's a perfect spy camera with wide varieties. It's most commonly used at homes and offices for surveillance, preventing burglary, and recording of any event or situation which is not supposed to be recorded. Apart from its axing use..
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Spy Camera Wireless recorder motion detection Spy Camera Wireless recorder motion detection
Custom Labels
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-01WIFI
Wireless Spy Camera 1080P IP Remote View on your phone Security has become a necessity in a person's life. One cannot be present at many places at the same time to protect their near and dear ones. To overcome this problem spy cameras had been introduced. With the help of spy cameras, one can mo..
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Professional Detector This bug detector is portable and convenient for anyone including you, it detects and tracks down any hidden surveillance installed nearby which prevents you from being exposed to them, it can detect all radio frequencies including 3G/4G devices, it scans around the room, t..
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