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WIFI Hidden Car Key Camera - LIVE STREAM VideosThe VIM-CARKEY2 is a reliable hidden car key camera that captures anything forth of the evidence whether you need video, audio or pictures, and the camera does just that with a press of a button. You can leave this spy camera anywhere in the room and mo..
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MINI Spy Cigarette Lighter CameraA cigarette lighter is now not only for lighting up your cigar or candle, but you can also capture investigation evidence with a button snap. As for the lighter function makes use of a heating coil instead of the flame, while the rest is about the Pinhole Spy camera ..
Ex Tax:$135.45
Wireless Spy Camera IP Tissue Box   This latest wireless smoke detector camera is an amazing buy that comes with wide usages. It's best known to be used as a security camera for surveillance purposes at homes or offices. This camera has easy Wi-Fi connectivity and P2P technology which ..
Ex Tax:$180.91
Hidden Luxury Watch Camera with 2K Video Quality This luxurious hand watch is the ideal hand worn gadget for deceiving other people of how you record, the slick-rich design can put off people’s suspicions giving you room to begin recording discretely. The watch packs feature that makes it an eff..
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Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-MX10802
There are no such spy camera devices as this one, they specialise with everything to do with video recording but at the same time remaining hidden from it, this device is name ‘Spy’ for that reason. The style of these glasses is amongst the most popular one, with the whole sun glasses aspect to it, ..
Ex Tax:$126.36
Brand: VIMEL Model: MAS-WATCH1080P
Spy Watch IR Night Vision Camera Full HD 1080P Are you looking for the security camera to take photos and record videos without the knowledge of anyone? Then you can but the stylish VimelTech spy camera watch. As it is like a normal watch, you can wear it in your hand and the hidden camera in th..
Ex Tax:$108.82
WIFI Spy Alarm Clock Security Camera - Bluetooth SpeakerThere are various security spy camera products from Vimel, but this model is ideal for monitoring what’s happening inside your home. You can connect it with your phone to remotely operate the camera. It comes with Bluetooth speakers that make t..
Ex Tax:$244.55
Wireless LED Endoscope WIFI Connection for Pipeline Inspection The Wireless Endoscope Camera is an incredibly handy device which allows you to see in narrow-shaped places where you couldn’t access before with an FULL HD high-quality camera. What makes it even better is that it has an LED fla..
Ex Tax:$140.91
Wireless Spy LED WIFI Security LED LAMP CameraA home LED lamp with a built-in spy camera could have been the best security gadget for your home. It enables you to monitor what’s happening inside your home remotely when you’re away. Not only that it’s remotely accessible, but you can also connect it ..
Ex Tax:$180.91
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-V91WIFI
DIY Spy Vending Machine Hidden Camera Wireless VIM - V91 WIFI is a robust and steady WIFI spy camera that can work 24/7 Continuous Recording.Thanks to its accessible dimension, the Wireless Hidden Camera is easy to install anywhere. The versatile cam comes with such versatility and creativity th..
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Wireless Cloud DV Portable Spy Camera WIFI It’s the most miniature WIF security camera that has full functionalities and features you can put to use. You can place this device anywhere and start monitoring or recording footage. There are no more additional components as you can get high-quality ..
Ex Tax:$135.45
Brand: VIMEL Model: VIM-HCAM2
Home Spy Air Purifier WIFI Camera Air Purifier is today’s valuable gadget for residential houses that improve the quality and purity of the air. Today, it comes with an integrated spy camera that can capture and record intrusions or suspicious activities taking place in your house. You can get t..
Ex Tax:$180.91
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